Self-Healthcare Empowerment Initiative (SHEI) is set up to raise awareness on diabetes and its management, to empower people living with diabetes and their families, to support them to take ownership of their condition, and develop the confidence to effectively engage with their doctors for treatment and follow up.

SHEI, established in 2016 and registered in 2018, is a non-profit organization started by like-minded individuals from different complimentary fields of work including medicine, nutrition, health systems delivery, project management and research coordination amongst others.

In its infancy, the organization is primarily focusing on diabetes by taking an innovative approach through the use of technology to promote self-management. SHEI strives to support people in building the skills and confidence needed to take an active role in the management of their health care.

Our Vision

To increase self-efficacy in people with diabetes and related chronic conditions through self-management education


Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote systematic provision of education and supportive interventions through technology to increase the skills and confidence in people with diabetes and related chronic conditions to manage their health condition, including regular assessment of progress, goal setting, and problem-solving techniques to improve outcomes.